[Covid-19] Setting up telework? Check out our dedicated training

[Covid-19] Setting up telework? Check out our dedicated training

In the face of the current Covid-19 epidemic, your company may want to set up telework. The exceptional circumstances of the past few days push you into this remote work situation where you feel you are out of your comfort zone.

Mandarine Academy, publisher of the MOOC Office 365, accompanies you and offers you access to a course, composed of 3 themes to familiarize you with telecommuting in Microsoft Teams.

Teams, a powerful tool for collaborative work

Working remotely like you’re in the office? It’s possible thanks to Teams! The important thing is to master the tools of communication and collaboration. In addition to being the focal point in the organization of remote work, TEAMS allows you to stay in touch with your colleagues. Whether in working groups, or in individual, written or audio. You can focus on the mode of communication you are most comfortable with.

Telework “Survival Kit” by Mandarine Academy

We have prepared a program which allows YOU to work remotely in complete serenity!

Available on the MOOC Office 365, this telework survival kit includes a three-course learning path to familiarize yourself with telecommuting with Microsoft TEAMS.

This program includes the 3 themes below:

  • #1 Setting up telework
  • #2 Communicating with your team
  • #3 Organizing meetings remotely

In each course, you will find several dates of webconference sessions planned for next week. Are you interested in these topics?

Sign up for webconferencing sessions

Sign up for webconferencing sessions to learn and interact with our expert trainers:

  • Topic #1 Setting up telework: Managing your team remotely: Introducing important steps for collaborative work. 👉  Signing Up
  • Topic #2 Communicating with your team: Use all the features for conversations. 👉  Signing Up
  • Topic #3 Organizing meetings remotely: Organize meetings in three steps: before, during and after. 👉  Signing Up

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