The key for those who wish to succeed
in their digital transformation

Mandarine Academy supports companies with their digital transformation by simplifying the handling and use of new technologies for all staff.

Thanks to a unique approach combining a digital platform with personalised and frequent support in one-to-one meetings, Mandarine Academy offers you a new, more efficient way of training in terms of development, capacity, time and budget.

Next generation training


The tools available allow you to solve or support needs on an individual basis, by providing a solution tailored to learning preferences and to your individualised requirements.


A combination of the latest generation technologies are used, such as video conferencing, web conferencing, e-learning and machine learning. The desire for us stay at the cutting edge of teaching methods means that innovation is our top priority.


Whether you wish to prepare management on the most suitable devices or to train staff, to follow up or measure their level of engagement and satisfaction, the Mandarine Academy teams will be there for you throughout the entire project.

Cost Saving

By eliminating the costs of travel, accommodation and room rentals, and minimising the lack of available time to end users, the training method is streamlined to the maximum extent, helping ensure the quickest return on investment.

A range of solutions, for every need

From free access MOOC to personalised corporate offering, Mandarine Academy offers each company the best tailored service for training their staff. Advice, engineering, planning and training sessions are available on request to ensure that your project is a success.


Learning portal designed to help you easily discover and learn about your solutions

Information contained in the form of use case scenarios

Information contained on the personal productivity benefits you will obtain from your solutions


Varied content

Multi-company access


learning portal

Training on the uses of your solutions

A rich


Varied content

Multi-company access


training portal

Simplify the adoption
of different solutions​

Dedicated, comprehensive
and scalable support

Privatized training and content developed from years of experience


Private training
for your staff members


training portal

the adoption process


Personalised training
and content​

Specialised planning
and project management

Private training
for your staff members

All Mandarine Academy news

18 September 2017

Mandarine Academy immersive demo at AI Hackademy, Microsoft Experiences’17

Mandarine Academy will give an immersive Artificial Intelligence for training demonstration during the AI Hackademy at Microsoft Experiences’17 (Palais des Congrès Convention Centre, Paris). You will […]
25 July 2017

First partnership alliance in Canada between IT Cloud Solutions and Mandarine Academy

“Mandarine Academy has announced earlier today at the Microsoft Inspire convention in Washington DC its first partnership alliance in Canada with a value-added distributor in IT Cloud Solutions. « With IT Cloud Solutions, Mandarine […]
8 June 2017

Meet Mandarine Academy at Microsoft Inspire 2017!

Come and meet us at Microsoft Inspire! Microsoft Inspire is the largest event for Microsoft partners with over 16,000 attendees! And guess what? Mandarine Academy is attending […]
12 April 2017

Are you looking to become more productive on Windows 10?

You may already be familiar with our MOOC Office 365 end user training platform, but do you know our dedicated Windows 10 training platform? What training […]
7 April 2017

Would you like expert led coaching on Office 365?

We’re looking for individuals interested in participating in one or both of our upcoming live human instructor led O365 training sessions, delivered online by our certified […]
9 February 2017
mandarine academy

Mandarine BS is now Mandarine Academy

Mandarine changes its name! A new page in the company’s history gets written today! Mandarine Business School becomes Mandarine Academy! Present in France, the United Kingdom […]

Mandarine Academy partners...

The Mandarine Academy team

    laurent maurerflorent petitpatricksiegfried desmedtsamuelalain damantivivien gouderuanguillaumerija
  • Before co-founding and managing Mandarine Academy, Laurent Maurer had worked successively at Oleane, then at France Telecom as B2B Sales support manager, and finally at Orange Business Services as Pre-Sales support director.
    Laurent Maurer
    Chief Executive Officer
  • We offer the ability to adapt and personalise our services to help transform end user adoption utilisation to satisfy the demands placed on us by our clients and partners.
    Florent Petit
    Pre-sales manager
  • Our sales team promotes Mandarine Academy's services and expertise.  As well as, of course, being focused on our end user value propositions, our mission is also to listen and understand the needs of end clients and partners.
    Patrick Gangneux
    Sales manager
  • The operations team, made up of different departments, implements and provides support for your digital transformation projects and training either for your teams or those of your clients.  Our experience centres on your requirements and your staff satisfaction.
    Siegfried Desmedt
    Director of the operations
  • With regard to your learner's, the teaching team is dedicated to transferring knowledge on all manner of subjects, from email messaging to telephony devices.  Each coach takes into account learner needs for developing their knowledge though the use of web conference tools and pre defined teaching methods.
    Samuel Rouxel
    Training team leader
  • The project management team manages the entire process of creating the multimedia training configurations, from the quote request to the completed project. The team is on hand to listen, instruct and analyse in order to offer solutions perfectly tailored to the project and in line with each client’s requirements.
    Alain Damanti
    Graphic designer team leader
  • The Office 365 team supports clients with their email migration projects.  They are in direct contact with the client and end users, to support and train them to use their new services until the end of the project.
    Vivien Goude
    Office 365 team leader
  • My current role involves working with our international partners and end customers to deliver the full value of our flexible end customer adoption solutions. Ultimately, my role is to help support the continued international expansion of our end user software training solutions.
    Ruan Kent
    International Business Development
  • The International Pre Salesteam offers support to partners and clients in choosing the best solution for getting to grip with new end user technologies by end users.  They play a key role in Mandarine Academy’s international development strategy.
    Guillaume Clément
    Director of Product Marketing and Pre-Sales
  • I am responsible for strategic relations with Microsoft US and Canada, but also with partners, operators and integrators who desire a change management strategy for both Office 365 and their own software and cloud solutions.
    Rija Raharinosy
    Vice-President - Sales, North America (US and Canada)

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