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Courses by thematic, product and job role
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Guidance and training are the key elements to guarantee the right use and the legacy of benefits and use facilities of Office 365.

Benefit from an unlimited and full access to training videos, web conferences and to Yammer

Unrestricted and unlimited access to Office applications training, delivered through web conference by a product expert.


A course is composed of a live training session led by an expert trainer, a webcast of one of the webconference, use case scenarios and tutorials.


Catalogue of Courses

  • How to communicate – who can help me?*
  • How to share: Regular updates, who does what?*
  • How to collaborate: work together and assign parts*
  • How to search: find what you need*
  • How to produce: finalize reports remotely with your team*
  • Messaging Tools and Solutions
  • Office Productivity Tools
  • Social Networking Tools
  • Collaborative and Storage Tools
  • Project Management Tools
  • Office 2016: New Features and enhancements
  • Outlook 2016: New Features and enhancements
  • Outlook 2016: discover the calendar and tasks
  • Outlook 2016: share and collaborate quickly
  • Excel 2016: discover spreadsheet
  • Excel 2016: quickly enhance your results
  • Excel 2016: Easily create data syntheses
  • Word 2016: Introduction to word processing
  • Word 2016: Discover DTP with Word
  • Word 2016: use word processing daily
  • PowerPoint 2016: Introduction
  • PowerPoint 2016: Display a presentation like a video
  • Skype for business: Introduction to instant messaging
  • SharePoint: Introduction to Sharepoint Online tools
  • Skype for Business – Call and Voices
  • OneDrive: Discover online storage tools

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Learning Paths

A learning path is composed of different courses gathered by theme. When you are in a path, you can navigate between different content via tabs at the top of the page


List of Learning Paths

  • Discover uses*
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook

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