[Office 365] New PowerPoint feature: Boost your content with 3D animation effects

[Office 365] New PowerPoint feature: Boost your content with 3D animation effects

You’re wondering how capture the attention of your audience. Do you want to animate your presentations to pass on your messages? With PowerPoint, you can now integrate 3D animations.

Do you want more information? We will explain how to do it!

Putting into practice:

First, open your PowerPoint file.

Open a new slide, then in your top menu, click on “Insert“, “3D Models” and choose a file or online sources. When you are doing an online research, you have at your disposal different themes. Some models can be animated. You can also do a research for more precision. Then click on “Insert“.

If you choose an animated 3D model, you can stop animation effects by clicking on the model and on “Format” tab appeared in the top menu and click on “Pause“.

When you click on your model, arrows appear in the middle. Click and drag your mouse to change model direction.

Next, you can define its appearance in your slide. To that end, select your model and click on the top menu in “Animations” tab.

In the case where you have an animated model you can choose different scenes in the “Model Animations” part.

In a second step, you can choose from the following among 3D animation:

  • Arrive: your model appears with a fade effect

  • Turntable: your model performs a full rotation

  • Swing: your model swings itself to right to left

  • Jump & Turn: your model jumps then quickly turn

  • Leave: your model leaves the page with a fade effect

You can change animation options such as direction, intensity and rotation axis. To do this, click on “Effect Options“.

You can add other animations by clicking on “Add Animation“.

You have at your disposal in “Format” tab a pan and zoom option. It allows to choose 3D model size thanks the magnifying glass on the right of the frame. Then you can drag your model to change its location in the frame.

Finally, the “Animation Pane” button allows to change the order and animation duration. By right-clicking on an animation you can modify the start mode (on click, with previous or after that) and more effect options.

Find this feature in video in our micro-learning : POWERPOINT 2019 – On-slide 3D model animation


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