IT Change Management Support to a Global car manufacturer


Using our Vizioforce solution we were able to provide Mazda with an end to end adoption training solution.

A brand in the process of Rejuvenation

Mazda decided to rejuvenate its corporate identity and to demonstrate its decidedly dynamic and state-of-the-art side as well as its technical excellence.

Mazda therefore decided to seek out and select a capable partner, with the ability to motivate their sales and customer facing teams to change their customer service practices without needing to disrupt staff schedules.

Mazda sets its mind on Vizioforce, a solution put forward by Mandarine Academy. Vizioforce are selected for their ability to combine motivational measures for on-site change management and customer centric distance learning via digital training platforms. The VizioForce programme featured all of Mazda’s sought out characteristics.

Flexible Interactive support

Vizioforce provided access to flexible and modular training courses, a recognized sales and customer service experience aswell as access to experiences gained from outside industry sectors which allowed Mazda to further enrich its know-how and expertise.
VizioForce offered Mazda employees short, live interactive sessions, chronologically spaced out, guaranteeing learning, company support, human resources availability and savings on travel and accommodation costs.

Self-service registrations also meant each sales representative could register for sessions according to their availability in groups of 10 to 12 people.

Visible results

At the end of the first 2 curriculums, with 100 sales representatives, 125 receptionists and 125 trained dealers, Mazda noticed a positive change in their customer satisfaction net promoter scores which confirmed this method of learning was a proven success.

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