Alongside the teams at Microsoft we designed a purpose-built Office 365 training and end user adoption platform accessible to all.

End user training and adoption available to all

The MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) is a multi-lingual end user training platform designed to showcase the benefits of Office 365 and train individuals how to use the different tools available to them within the software.


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History and timelines

MOOC Office 365 was launched in September 2015 and took in over 60, 000 subscribers in its first year. In September 2016 we decided to redesign the solution in house; We discovered that our MOOC Office 365 users had different expectations and different ways of using our MOOC, so it was essential to adapt our offering to keep up with increasing demand from an ever growing audience profile.

Our platform is designed to make a wide range of teaching methods and learning styles available in one place; there are free access video tutorials including videos on use case scenarios, there are live online lessons in which participants can discuss with an expert coach. There is also inbuilt programmes which create a knowledge flow to end users based on their ability, product selection or occupational themes.

At the same time, each user can at any time ask questions or discuss ideas with the MOOC community Yammer group social network built into the platform.

What was the result?

Since its launch, MOOC Office 365 has been very successful, with the number of users constantly growing, both on the free version demonstrating the benefits of Office 365 and the fee-paying version with specific end user training on the different workloads.

We are always updating and adding new content; there are more than 20 programmes currently available, and more than 40 courses and hundreds of videos. We are also constantly developing the platform, with newly integrated features such as gamification, virtual assistant and machine learning to offer increasingly targeted content to the end user.

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