Working together with SFR, we’re proud to have successfully provided change-management support to a large well known French banking institution.

Change-management  for a new telephony system

Following the bank’s decision to migrate all its employees to a new telephony system, we worked with SFR to provide the bank with our Corporate Adoption solution. This service provides end customers with fully personalize premium online training courses. This particular Corporate Adoption training course was designed to support users in switching to a new Cisco based telephony system.
In order too effectively provide change-management support, we needed to make sure that users had access to all the resources that they would need during the roll out process.

A phase-driven migration

This project required Mandarine to adapt the timing of our work in line with the company’s infrastructure migration. The migration to the new Cisco telephony solution was in itself a long-term process, implemented in several phases.
We first granted users access to our own proprietary online learning platform, along with 149 live, instructor led web-conference training sessions. As well as these training sessions, we created a number of e-learning resources to educate end users on the importance of Skype for business integration with their new telephony system.

A successfully supported end user  adoption to a new telephony system.

In total, 5,200 users were supported in adopting their new Cisco telephony system during the course of this project.
We wish to extend our thanks to the bank for having trusted our training delivery solution for this large scale change-management project.

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