Mandarine provide a tailor made IT Change Management within an international bank


A tailored IT Change and adoption solution to meet the needs of an international bank

While completing a major changeover from Windows XP to Windows 7, The IT Manager of an International Bank helping develop projects in Africa wished to help its end users to fully adopt the latest software updates.

Proposed solution

We suggested the Bank employ our Custom Corporate Adoption solution manage actionable employee communications to gradually allow end users to adjust to their current way of working. This  went as far as including images representing what their future work station would look like, as well as interpretive use case videos displayed across their internal facing corporate TV network.

On top of this communication plan, Mandarine set up a service on its platform which explained to employees on how the migration would be subdivided into two 45-minute training sessions per person themed on their new desktop working environments built from a combination of Microsoft Office and Sharepoint end user training.

Practical training

Our service offering allowed the ability to adapt to a complex migration situation which required several modifications to cater to an ongoing variety of technical constraints and end user availabilities.


What was the result?

All 1200 users working directly in headquarters and as well as users within the extended branch network were ultimately able to benefit from a tailor-made IT Change adoption support solution.

This project was further extended post completion to create complementary content training on IT management tools for the internal IT staff, with the aim of helping to make them more autonomous in their day to day activities across all their branches.

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