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Speed up Microsoft 365 user adoption and support.

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Provide digital support to get your users quickly started with new Microsoft 365 collaborative tools

  • Develop new uses for Microsoft 365: Enabling end users to become more skilled and efficient in their daily use of the solution.
  • Train and monitor your employees’ progress: Limit common tech support queries on different applications and monitor users' progress via the reporting tool.
  • Unlimited access to the MOOC Office 365 site: Users are provided with unlimited access to the training content from anywhere and anytime.
  • More than 50 hours of live training included: For each course, users can select a date and join a live 45min training session during which they can chat and ask questions to an expert trainer.
  • Constantly updated content: Platform content is kept up to date and in line with Microsoft 365’s everchanging environment.
  • Common use cases & job-related courses: Use case videos and job-related courses provide users with realistic situations they are likely to experience.

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This online training platform is fun and friendly. It is designed for people who wish to self-train and get quickly started with Microsoft 365 apps at their own pace and convenience. Many training resources are available and for all levels.

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This solution allows you to integrate our training content into your existing LMS. Access many of the MOOC Office 365 resources in unlimited consultation with more than 1,200 videos and over 100 courses on Microsoft 365 apps.

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