Schedule an appointment for a personalized session with an expert coach!

Do you have specific needs for one or more Microsoft software? Then Ecoach is for you!

An hour and a half appointment and a one-on-one with an expert trainer

To help you understand the Microsoft 365 tools and features, personalized coaching sessions enable live interactions with Microsoft 365 trainers on apps of your choice. A one-on-one for an hour and a half with an expert trainer, to extend your knowledge and adopt best practices!

Extend your knowledge of Microsoft 365

One single session will help you get up to speed in no time; With our trainer’s tips, you save time by working smarter and getting more out of your Office apps. You can then take on and complete a more global learning path, for instance. Integrated into a personalized learning path, several coaching sessions with use cases will enable you to sustain a dynamic pace of growth over a longer period.

How does it work?

Before ordering

It is important to ask yourself the right questions regarding the topic(s) and desired perimeter. Also, a number of prepared questions or use cases will be interesting to increase input. To suggest a relevant session, it is highly recommended to have a subject limited to one application, in order to stay focused on the topic. Of course, the interweaving of certain tools, such as Microsoft 365, will require a broader vision.

Scheduling an appointment

Once the service has been chosen, an advisor will contact you to refine with you the topic to be developed, as well as to set the appointment’s date and time.


On D-Day, it is essential to have a computer with an internet connection; the concerned tool should already be installed and functional with headphones and microphone already plugged in.

How coaching works

Coaching sessions are broken down into the following steps:

  1. A brief exchange of ideas with an advisor to refine the topic to be developed, setting the date and time of the coaching session
  2. An overview of points
  3. Theoretical contributions of different uses
  4. A workshop to practice

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