8 April 2021
A course focused on organizing and conducting live events in Microsoft Teams, in solo or as a team.

Learn How to Organize and Run Live Events in Microsoft Teams

Many of you have contacted us to find out how to run live events in Microsoft Teams.  Microsoft Teams live events replaced Skype for Business. This […]
4 January 2021
Nouvelles fonctionnalités Microsoft Teams

Heads up: New features in Microsoft Teams!

Microsoft recently announced that new features were brought to TEAMS in terms of calls and […]
24 March 2020
Covid-19 | We are providing YOU support in setting up TELEWORK

Covid-19 Affects Everyone, and This Is Why We Are Providing YOU Support in Setting Up TELEWORK

Given the current circumstances related to Covid-19, your company is probably setting up telework. Mandarine […]
11 March 2020
Sign up for our next webinar on the manager’s key role in the Office 365

Sign Up for Our Next Webinar on the Manager’s Key Role in the Office 365 End User Adoption

Nowadays, digital technologies are constantly evolving. Businesses need to be flexible and at the same […]
5 March 2020

Learn how to organize all your tasks with Microsoft To Do in our new course

At the beginning of January 2020, we want to share with you our experience with […]
20 February 2020
Webinar Replay and FAQ: Microsoft TEAMS’ Private Channels

Webinar Replay and FAQ: Microsoft TEAMS’ Private Channels

Our international Office 365 trainer: Dina hosted a webinar on Microsoft TEAMS’ Private Channels on […]
13 February 2020
Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote: Focus on the Ultimate Note-Taking Tool

Launched in 2003, Microsoft OneNote is the ultimate digital notebook tool. In this article, let […]
30 January 2020
private channels

Sign Up for Our New Webinar on Microsoft TEAMS’ Private Channels

In this webinar, find out the latest feature Microsoft has developed: Private channels in Teams. […]
20 January 2020
public transportation strike

Does the Public Transportation Strike Affect Your Commute and Work?

Since December, it has been difficult to get around by public transportation, whether by train, […]
7 January 2020

Flashback 2019 with our best wishes for the New Year 2020!

First and foremost, our MOOC Office 365 team wishes you a very Happy New Year […]
13 December 2019
Teams Functional Iterations

Teams Functional Iterations: Meeting Business Requirements

Since the release of Microsoft Teams: officially announced in November 2016, the software publisher has […]
3 December 2019
Artificial intelligence course

Check out Our New Course: Artificial Intelligence in Your Daily Life

This month, we’re offering a new 100% video course about Artificial Intelligence on the MOOC […]
27 November 2019

Dina’s Interview: our International Educational Consultant

Today we introduce you to Dina, our International Educational Consultant. Hello Dina! You are the […]
21 November 2019
Right Tool

How to Determine the Right Tool to Use – FAQ and Webinar Replay

In November, we gave a webinar based on the following topic: Office 365: How to […]
14 November 2019
Microsoft Office 365 apps

What’s New in Microsoft Office 365 Apps?

Do you use the Microsoft Office 365 Desktop App or Web App? Most users are […]