1 December 2021

Hybrid work: a new form of work that requires organization

Hybrid work is a form of work organization where employees divide their time between the […]
24 November 2021
Drive change for a successful digital transformation

How to drive change for a successful digital transformation?

Thanks to the emergence of digital technology, more companies want to adapt to new uses and accelerate […]
15 November 2021

Speed up your digital transformation in 2021

With the emergence of digital, it is now essential for a company to speed up its digital […]
10 November 2021

SMEs in need of support on digital tools

Digital solutions offer multiple benefits in terms of growth and competition for SMEs. SMEs are […]
10 November 2021

IT: the importance of its role in coping with the pandemic

The covid 19 crisis has completely changed the business world and the way we work. […]
13 October 2021

Op-ed on the digital divide in companies

Digital technology has permanently transformed our society. Today, 9 out of 10 French users own a device: smartphones, tablets, or computers […]
13 October 2021

Mandarine Academy assists you in the fight against computer illiteracy

In this article, learn how Mandarine Academy can help you bridge the digital divide within […]
14 September 2021

Digital transformation does not mean a simple change of tools

Many companies are investing colossal sums to undertake their digital transition. But many projects are […]
13 September 2021

The consequences of teleworking on employees

Teleworking represents any form of remote work conducted mostly via an internet connection. This new way of working […]
13 September 2021

How can companies fight against the computer illiteracy of their employees?

As digital transformation accelerates within companies, the digital divide is growing between employees;  The generalization of teleworking has reinforced […]
9 August 2021
Mandarine Academy digitalizes its business seminar

How did Mandarine Academy energize its online business seminar?

With the Covid 19 crisis, companies had to adapt to new remote work organizations. Mandarine […]
30 July 2021

Our tips and tools to drive adoption of Microsoft 365 solution

Has your organization brought in new technology to improve your performance or promote collaborative work? […]
13 April 2021

Mandarine Academy partners with Microsoft to launch #MaPMEnumérique

We are very pleased to participate in the collective initiative launched by Microsoft, a 100% […]
19 March 2021
training trends in 2021

Trends in online training in 2021 [Part 2]

Training methods are changing during this period of crisis. The lockdown and health protocols have […]
18 March 2021

Trends in online training in 2021 [Part 1]

With the health crisis, the year 2020 has generated a lot of changes, encouraging companies […]