3 May 2022

How to democratize access to digital tools for a better hybrid work

Mandarine Academy’s Florent Petit shares how the firm is helping businesses overcome challenges associated with […]
22 April 2022

Green IT: a solution to combine digital and the environment

In early April, two environmental reports alerted global politicians to action. Indeed, both the IPCC […]
29 March 2022
Artificial Intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence helps us on a daily basis

You may not know it yet, but you’re already using artificial intelligence. Far from the […]
23 March 2022

Leaders, the future of work is here

At the beginning of 2020, you were ready to change things, to change your management […]
21 March 2022

Will micro-certifications replace traditional degrees?

Before knowing what micro-certifications are, you need to know what micro-training or micro-learning are. These […]
16 March 2022
Adopt Game Learning to Employee Training

Adopt Game Learning to Employee Training

In recent years, new learning methods have emerged. Among them, that of gamification. This logic […]
14 March 2022

5 e-learning trends in 2022!

The labor and skills market is constantly evolving. Changes so important that 85% of the […]
14 March 2022

MOOC for Microsoft 365 with Office Apps Now Available on Microsoft AppSource

Villeneuve D’Ascq, FRANCE— March 09, 2022 — Mandarine Academy today announced the availability of MOOC […]
10 March 2022
The IT Director: A crucial partner in digital transformation

The IT Director: A crucial partner in digital transformation

The IT director is an essential ally to transform your company towards new digital tools. […]
8 March 2022
7 Steps to reduce resistance to change

7 Steps to reduce resistance to change

In an ideal world, changing everyone’s habits without any resistance can be resolved with a […]
3 March 2022
Illectronisme Mandarine Academy

Hybrid work: How to get rid of old habits and adapt to new ways of working

Changing a habit rooted in your daily life is far from an easy task. Now […]
1 March 2022

[Cybersecurity] How to protect yourself from cyber threats?

In 2021, ransomware-related attacks have exploded. They have indeed increased by 150%. This concerns individuals […]
25 February 2022
Les conséquences du télétravail sur les collaborateurs

The consequences of teleworking on the mental health of employees

Since 2020, the health context has led the world to work remotely with all stakeholders. […]
7 February 2022
Travail hybride selon Microsoft

Hybrid work: the organization of the future according to Microsoft

In partnership with LinkedIn, Microsoft recently published a study regarding hybrid work. The survey was […]
20 January 2022
bilan 2021 projection 2022

[Interview with Laurent Maurer – Mandarine Academy] 2021 Achievements & 2022 Projections

The entire Mandarine Academy team wishes you all the best for 2022! The year 2021 […]