1 December 2021

Hybrid work: a new form of work that requires organization

Hybrid work is a form of work organization where employees divide their time between the […]
24 November 2021
Drive change for a successful digital transformation

How to drive change for a successful digital transformation?

Thanks to the emergence of digital technology, more companies want to adapt to new uses and accelerate […]
15 November 2021

Speed up your digital transformation in 2021

With the emergence of digital, it is now essential for a company to speed up its digital […]
12 November 2021

The importance of Yammer in your business

Yammer is a business social network that is part of Microsoft 365 and designed for […]
10 November 2021

SMEs in need of support on digital tools

Digital solutions offer multiple benefits in terms of growth and competition for SMEs. SMEs are […]
10 November 2021

IT: the importance of its role in coping with the pandemic

The covid 19 crisis has completely changed the business world and the way we work. […]
13 October 2021

Op-ed on the digital divide in companies

Digital technology has permanently transformed our society. Today, 9 out of 10 French users own a device: smartphones, tablets, or computers […]
13 October 2021

Mandarine Academy assists you in the fight against computer illiteracy

In this article, learn how Mandarine Academy can help you bridge the digital divide within […]
14 September 2021

Digital transformation does not mean a simple change of tools

Many companies are investing colossal sums to undertake their digital transition. But many projects are […]
14 September 2021

Microsoft is parting from Internet Explorer

After 25 years, Microsoft has announced that starting June 15, 2022 Internet Explorer will no longer be […]
13 September 2021

The consequences of teleworking on employees

Teleworking represents any form of remote work conducted mostly via an internet connection. This new way of working […]
13 September 2021

How can companies fight against the computer illiteracy of their employees?

As digital transformation accelerates within companies, the digital divide is growing between employees;  The generalization of teleworking has reinforced […]
13 September 2021

New course: Security in TEAMS

Do you use TEAMS on a daily basis and wish to better understand how to secure the documents and […]
1 September 2021

The latest in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an application for collaboration and communication in real time. Recently new features have been […]
26 August 2021

Learn how to add shortcuts to shared folders in OneDrive

Microsoft has integrated a new feature in OneDrive called “Add to OneDrive”. This feature allows […]