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Artificial intelligence course

This month, we’re offering a new 100% video course on the MOOC Office 365 platform:

Artificial intelligence in your daily life

Nowdays, artificial intelligence is increasingly present in our daily lives and mostly in Office 365 tools.

Have you ever noticed the help offered by these tools in your daily tasks in order to simplify your steps and save you time?

This course is made up of 100% videos, including one use case scenario and twenty tutorials!

We discuss the following themes:

  • Productivity help in PowerPoint and Excel
  • Voice recognition and voice assistants such as Cortana, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook
  • Improved quality with TEAMS
  • Automated processing, sorting and conversion
  • Intelligent research, analysis and recommendations

Check out this course to learn more about these new smart services!

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Upcoming courses on MOOC Office 365

Every month, we create a new course for you.

In the upcoming courses, we offer you to discover Microsoft Power Apps.

What is Power Apps?

Without prior or basic knowledge, it can be difficult to create your own application. Moreover, this creation entails a substantial budget. So how do we do that?

Use Power Apps!

Microsoft Power Apps is a new way to turn business expertise into a custom application. Its intuitive interface resembles that of apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It guides you from step A to Z in the creation and implementation of your application.

You can now create apps without having to write a single line of code!

It is now easy to create your own apps with a web and phone layout.

Get started and create your own app, now!

While waiting for the release of this course, we offer you a tutorial to introduce you to this application!

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