The Adoption Booster

Boost digital tool adoption within 3 months

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What is the Adoption Booster?

An approach based on proven methods

  • The Agile project framework: more commonly used in IT development. We have defined an educational approach that allows us to define rhythms and performance indicators, while adapting the program as it is carried out.

A short program, based on effectiveness and adaptation as the program progresses

  • Provide visibility into the evolution of adoption, by increments
  • Capitalize on past increments
  • Improving the adoption project through adaptation

A regular follow-up by one of our Adoption Managers

  • Definition and tracking goals throughout the program. The preparation and follow-up work is built with the company's correspondent(s) including where possible business actors
  • Training follow-up
  • Review of the use of new tools and practices

Unlimited access to our platform with many quality content and resources covering all Microsoft 365 themes

  • Online sessions to interact live with an expert Microsoft 365 product trainer
  • Tutorial videos for help focused on tool features
  • Use case videos to project yourself in the concrete use of the features
  • A social network for sharing best practices

The Adoption Booster objectives

  • Conduct a pilot to evaluate or test a group of users
  • Define a change management strategy with feedback from your own teams
  • Target teams’ practices, develop them and manage potential resistance
  • Deploy the practices of a particular software to all your employees

The 3 phases of the Adoption Booster

The audit

Our teams analyze your needs and set goals. This phase takes place over the course of a day with your change management team during which the following topics will be discussed:

  • Definition of the key message: "Why is this change strategic for my company?" and "How will a user be motivated to change his/her current practice to the new solution?"
  • Determining the sponsor who will carry out the project, motivate the teams and lead by example
  • Introducing the methodology to the change management team
  • Defining follow-up indicators to validate project success
  • Defining action plans based on objectives, indicators, and key messages


During this second phase, various actions will be implemented:

  • Preparing and setting up communication. This communication can be very diverse and take many forms: newsletters, information meetings, video teasing, and much more
  • Participation in training and self-training sessions with videos made available
  • Debriefing and feedback on the actions carried out

The Review

The review is a moment of exchange between the change management teams and the Mandarine Academy’s counterparts. A quantitative and qualitative assessment of the actions will be presented with a particular focus on feedback.

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