28 February 2018
Mandarine participates in EdTech's international immersion program!

Mandarine participates in EdTech’s international immersion program!

Mandarine Academy has been selected with nine other companies to participate in an international immersion program dedicated to EdTech French startups! An intensive immersion program that […]
23 February 2018
How to ensure that your team has the knowledge and skills to adopt new services

How can you ensure that your teams have the necessary knowledge?

A difference of point of view IT teams and end users tend to see new technology from very different angles. The IT team will focus on […]
20 February 2018
A difficult start for a promising project | Mandarine Academy

A difficult start for a promising project

2008, a difficult start for a promising project After obtaining financing, and the creation of all the administrative and presentation documents, the business project could begin. […]